NEW: Crystal and Gem Therapy Certificate

Crystal light

This course teaches you how to use the healing qualities of crystals and gemstones to promote health and well-being. You will be shown many different healing techniques and layouts working through the chakra system, and also how to use gems and crystals in meditation and improving the atmosphere in your home, workspace or gym.

Crystals embody pure light energy and this is because they absorb and reflect universal light rays. As white light passes through a gemstone, certain wavelengths are filtered out, those that survive give the stone its colour and the healing qualities are magnified. You will learn different ways to directed crystal and gem energy onto the body and within the chakra system for specific health benefits, and to aid emotional and mental problems occuring in times of stress.


Lesson 1. The healing qualities of light and the human energy field

Lesson 2. Communicating with nature and the healing power of gems and crystals

Lesson 3. Building and Strengthening crystal layout

Lesson 4. Colour and the chakra system - gems and their colours

Lesson 5. Energies of gemstones and their uses


Lesson 6. How to select, programme a gemstone for healing. Angelic Cleansing.

Lesson 7. Crystal treatments - harmonising and balancing

Lesson 8. Magnetic field Therapy - balancing the body’s magnetism

Lesson 9. Astrology and crystals

Lesson 10. Gems and crystal meditations


On completion of the questions at the end of each lesson and a description of a healing session you have given, you will receive a beautiful Certificate qualification awarded by the Iris School of Colour Therapy and IWOC endorsed. Cert.Iris. CG.Th. Crystal and Gem Therapist


You can enrol onto this course at any time and study at your own pace. It normally takes 3 - 6 months to complete as you need to build up confidence working practically as a crystal and gem therapist. The course is sent in two halves in PDF files and is fully illustrated with diagrams and pictures.


The course includes your study notes that are yours to download and use in the future. It also includes tutoring and your beautiful Diploma. - sent by email for you to print out.

NEW: Crystal and Gem Therapy Certificate
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