Advanced accredited Colour Therapy Counsellor Diploma

Colour - Rainbow Eye


Professional Training for Colour Therapy, accredited by IWOC, IICT and CThA professional association approved course.

This course is for students who wish to study Colour Therapy at a deeper level, enabling them to offer a variety of different Colour Therapy treatments that can be used on their own or integrated with other holistic therapies. It is suitable for people who have already studied colour therapy as it also qualifies you to become a Colour Therapy trainer and workshop leader.

The Advanced course concentrates on developing your colour psychology and counselling skills and learning more healing treatments using different forms of Colour Therapy. Many therapists experience colours during a treatment and this course will help you understand and interpret these colour vibrations so you can use them more effectively to aid your treatments. links between colour and other forms of Healing such as aroma, light and sound treatments are explored so that you can integrate colour holistically with other therapies. Modern developments in Colour and Light therapy are also discussed. We encourage students to try out different techniques and provide feedback of the sessions. Practical tasks are included throughout the course we also give you guidelines for practising as a Colour Therapist. Suzy Chiazzari personally tutors this course. It also includes a video demonstration of a chakra colour reading.


Lesson 1. Colour Astrology related to the body tissue salts & health issues
Lesson 2. Advanced colour counselling using colour cards and Aura Soma
Lesson 3. The significance of Colour in Nutrition and the Rainbow Diet
Lesson 4. Homeopathic colour remedies including Solar Ray therapy
Lesson 5. Healing with Colour and Sound vibrations
Lesson 6. Working with subtle energy using the hands and a pendulum to
energize, balance and heal through the chakra system
Lesson 7. Silk scarf and treatments using fabrics as light filters
Lesson 8. Light treatments using irradiation, chromotherapy, crystal
magnetism and colour torch
Lesson 9. Colour Reflexology and Colourpuncture (acupressure)
Lesson 10. Working with the terminally ill, hospice care and pain control
Lesson 11. Modern developments in Colour and Light Therapy
Lesson 12. Guidelines for practising as a Colour Therapist. Setting up a
healing practice, marking strategies, ethics code of practice,
health and safety, joining professional associations & insurance.


Students obtaining 70% pass marks in the continuous assessment module tests and self administered examination will receive an Advanced Level IRIS INTERNATIONAL DIPLOMA You will also be required to submit two full case studies.


This is an IWOC accredited and Complementary Therapists Association and International Institute of Complementary Therapists approved course. IICT and CthA approved. Graduates will be able to join these organizations as a practitioner member.

Advanced accredited Colour Therapy Counsellor Diploma
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