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HDI offers free one year membership to our new graduates

​The Holistic Design Institute offers our new graduates one year’s free membership as a HDI practitioner member. After that period you are invited to renew your membership using this payment page.

If you decide not to renew your membership please remember that you may not display our logo or badge on your website or marketing material.

HDI Affiliation membership

Holistic Design Institute welcomes trained and practicing art, design and other related professionals to join as affiliate members.

Membership benefits:

  • Belong to an International organisation promoting responsible, sustainable, eco-friendly design and using colour and design as a Healing Art.
  • HDI Membership allows you to use the letters MHDI or AMHDI after your name. This is a great asset for your cv and business card.
  • HDI Members can use our HDI members badge on their website and other promotional material.
  • We offer a referral service and pass on enquiries from the public, press and businesses to our members. (appropriate to your location)

HDI Representatives Worldwide

During 2019 HDI we are proud to announce that we will be inviting some of our past graduates who are actively involved in promoting the aims and ideals of holistic interior or garden design to become an HDI representative in their country and location. You will receive preferential referrals and be willing to answer enquiries from the public, organisations, press or businesses who want to know more about holistic design or who have a design project. If you would like to be considered please email the school with details of your present work or business. Representative membership runs from 1st April to April each year.


We aim to keep our membership fees as moderate as possible, in order to allow our members to sustain long-term commitment. Please note that this does not mean that our fees may increase from time to time. Annual fees are the same no matter which month you join. If you join the month preceding the annual start date you will not have to renew until the following year.

Join HDI - Membership
HDI Practitioner annual Member
£ 30
HDI Affiliate annual Membership
£ 40
HDI Representative annual Membership
£ 50
Payments are processed securely by our payment partner Worldpay
Fees quotes are in English Pounds (Sterling)
You are also welcome to enroll by post/email and pay with two UK cheques.
Enrolling denotes acceptance of our terms and conditions.
Our refund policy is outlined in the terms and conditions.