Holistic Interior Design Diploma

I was so pleased to have found your course as it has given me the confidence to work with clients on actual jobs. It showed me how to give a home a top to toe health check and then how to create a happy, healthy and ecofriendly space.
TS from Brighton. UK

You course was so interesting and the practical tasks with your feedback really let me change the whole atmosphere of my home and enjoy its full potential. I loved creating the mood boards and look forward to studying Colour Therapeutics for Interiors.
MP from NY City. USA

Having already studied another Interior Design Course, I was so happy to learn more about the use of natural materials, energy efficiency in bathrooms, showers and heating as well as how to declutter, improve the mood and create a healthy environment. My son suffers from asthma.
BS from Edinburgh, Scotland.

I have enjoyed the course with all its practical exercises and perhaps more as I progressed through the lessons. Your comments were so very encouraging and supportive and I appreciate them, so much wisdom and experience. Thank you once again…

KG from Liverpool, England

This has been a truly enjoyable experience, although an intense time working through the course. There are areas I really want to go back over and extend my knowledge with particular regard to colour and spend more time with creative design. I found creating mood boards almost magical. It is a passion rediscovered but most of all I enjoyed changing furniture and rooms to improve mood, and life and harmony.

J.S. East Sussex, England

I really am enjoying the course and it’s steering me in a positive direction which is in complete alignment with how I think and feel about how design should be. I am so grateful to have come across your course.

TQ Australia.

Holistic design is much more of what I expected. It has become an entire way of living. For me, it has been a real pleasure to study this form of art and interior design, applying it in all aspects of my life and my family’s life. I feel grateful to have the opportunity to practice a specialized field and also be part of a movement that creates spaces that heal.

A.L. Panama

I have done two special courses - Healthy Home Environment with your Institute. I would like to thank you for your guidance and light you gave me. I have already started working as an Indoor Environmental Health Counsellor. M. L Greece

I really value all of your comments. This course has really helped me to deepen my understanding, knowledge and practical applications and design for my business which is priceless. I have so much more confidence now in starting my holistic interior design business and cannot thank you enough for creating this course. A F. Bath. U.K.

I wanted to send you a note of thanks for providing this opportunity to move my career forward with the skills and knowledge of holistic design. I am so happy to have found this course and I cannot wait to apply my learning to help others achieve health and wellbeing in their homes! D.D. U.S,A.

Advanced Colour Therapy Counsellor accredited Diploma

A new graduate adds her thoughts:

I have thoroughly enjoyed doing the whole Colour Counsellor and Healer course and even though I am now qualified I am going to miss my studies. I want to say a big thank you for the opportunity to be part of such a lovely healing experience through colour therapy and i am really looking forward to the work ahead of me.

A graduate from Turkey writes

I feel that I should thankyou for this as learning about the healing powers of colour and the immensity of what colour reveals through the colour counsellor and healer courses has given me a new sense of direction. Thank you once again for offering such a course.

I would like to thank you again for your wonderful course as I remember it as being something that helped me to heal and here I am after being given a year to live in 1999.It is now 2021. Thank you so much for your notes, it is all very helpful and informative. Thank you for putting care and time to go through every question and give me such thorough feedback. A.M U.K.

I found the course, informative, challenging, and enjoyable. I have improved and enhanced my colour therapy knowledge. I found the coloured reading cards and art therapy In particular a quick and spot on diagnostic tool highlighting the clients hidden self and helping them to understand their process. I love colour and working with an holistic approach brings me such Joy. I’m looking forward to practicing all the other colour approaches which was covered in the course over time. I.M. Warwickshire U.K.

I have really enjoyed the Advanced Colour Therapy counsellor course and hope that I will continue to expand my learning and experience - thank you for making it so interesting. KW Merseyside U.K. 2022

Healing Garden Design Diploma

2021. It has been wonderful to have time to put into my studies and I have truly enjoyed every moment of it so far. Design and healing work really is a passion for me and I look forward to combining the two and working with others to help transform their homes and gardens. I am so thankful to this course and Suzy for devising it. Many thanks for sharing this wisdom and knowledge and spreading these wonderful gifts far and wide. S.B. in the U.K.

2022.I have enjoyed your healing garden design course very much indeed. I have been painting most of my life now and have loved gardening and being nature, so your course has been perfect and so has led me to want to be more professional in these areas. R.R. in the U.K.

2022.I am finding the course really interesting, and it brings together all the many areas of my interests, knitting them together wonderfully, plus adding a lot of new material. Well done for putting this together. P.R. in the USA.

2023. Thank you so much I’m over the moon with my result for the Healing Garden Design. I’ve absolutely loved this course and am so pleased I’ve managed to do it as I’ve been wanting to do it for so long. Thank you for all your comments and advice I will take these on board whenever I’m designing. R.J. Cornwall U.K.

2023. ​Thank you so much for your professional comments about my assignment! I have gained a lot of valuable expertise from your comments. My current career is to explore the healing of children’s bodies and minds, and I am looking forward to designing valuable green spaces for children. Y.Q. Beijing/USA

Rainbow Ray Reiki Level 1 &2

‘I can really confirm that my life has totally changed and a lot of new possibilites have come about. My finances have dramatically improved as people are coming to me rather than me going to them.’ Student in the UK.

‘I loved this course as it showed me how to integrate colour with Reiki especially as my clients often say that they see colours when I give them healing. Thank you so much for this special course.’ Student in USA.

Colour Therapy for Interior Design Diploma

Thank for your all your positive feedback and encouragement and your passion for colour and the health of the environment and the beings living within.

I have always been interested in colour and interiors but wanted to find a new approach to extend my skills and develop my career. Colour Therapeutics was perfect for me as it really helped me understand how the choose colours in our homes and dress to improve our health and well-being. ... thank you for an inspiring and informative course.

Suzy Chiazzari has inspired my creativity endlessly with her Colour Life Coaching Program. If you are interested in holistic health practices Suzy has so much of offer. I highly recommend learning and studying with Suzy and her organization. Such kindness in her way of teaching is rare. She is actively and genuinely engaged in created a community for the better good of humanity ~

Francesca Durham Colour Life Coach, Colortime® Image Consultant and Clinical Musician.

I did your wonderful course on Colour Therapeutics for Interiors after attending a fabulous lecture by Suzy Chiazzari on the subject. I was sponsored by my employers, and since then I have been working as their colour consultant for many years now.

D.H. South Africa

It is a great honour for me to obtain Diploma qualification by Holistic Design Institute for Colour Therapeutics and it has been a creative and joyful experience. S.M. London 2020

I’ve really enjoyed the Colour Therapeutics for Interiors course and will miss studying now that it’s finished.

J.M Norfolk,England. 2021

Colour Therapy Counsellor and Healer accredited Diploma course

I would like to thank you all for the wonderful, emotional and enlightening journey this course has taken me on. It has helped me to grow on so many levels and my life has changed in amazing ways thanks to this course. I cannot thank you enough for your positive feedback and encouragement…

I am delighted with Colour Therapy and your manual is an absolute gem.

Im starting from cover to cover again and each time I do this I learn something new and it improves my understanding, Many Thanks

I have thoroughly enjoyed doing the whole Colour Counsellor and Healer course and even though I am now qualified I am going to miss my studies. I want to say a big thank you for the opportunity to be part of such a lovely healing experience through colour therapy and i am really looking forward to the work ahead of me.

I have begun to read through the material and am delighted beyond words with their content. It is all I hoped for and much more besides; your own passion for colour therapy positively radiates through.Thank you for your sensitive and professional guidance.

Many thanks for all your detailed comments, it seems that you go to great trouble for each of your students and it is very much appreciated. Thank you especially for your touching analysis of my visualisation task which I will take to heart.

Colour Therapy for Children Certificate course

I am honoured to participate in such an educating, inspiring and beautiful course. Thank you for your extra inspirational comments at the end of my assignments which I loved doing. I am grateful to have been one of your many students.

PR from Australia.

As a mother and teacher I was delighted to find your course and to learn how to bring the wonderful world of colour to help them learn and grow. The children loved doing the tasks too.

DD from USA.

I am excited to add Colour Therapy to my repertoire of healing. Now I am ready to embark in starting my own business ie natural healing for children.

PR from UK.

I have so much enjoyed this course and feel so happy to tell you that I had my first official Color Reading with a child yesterday.

KJ from Dubai.

I have thoroughly enjoyed doing all the wonderful exercises and feel I have grown as part of the course greatly, thank you so much for the opportunity to learn from this. I have found the exercises so much fun to do with the children and very valuable for day to day living incorporating your ideas into our daily routines.

NJ from UK.

Egyptian Sekhem Healing with sacred Colour and Gem Diploma

I have always had an affinity with gems and crystals and my new knowledge has been a great inspiration and has developed my intuitive understanding of this wonderful form of natural healing.

I have found this Egyptian colour and gem course to be most interesting. Since doing this course I have found the true focus for how I want to create my own business and how I personally wish to move forward this year and beyond…. It has been a difficult year for me losing my husband but this work has helped me find a way through…... We both liked your topics and supportive way of working with colour and gems and the content supplied.

Thank you so much for reviewing my submissions and for the excellent marking. I love the way you add so much to the basic commentary. I also appreciate your constructive help…...

Thank you for the wonderful news and for returning my marked coursework with all your insightful commentary. I will continue to learn from you always and I thoroughly appreciate every one of these helpful additions.


Thank you as well for putting together such a well designed and interesting course. I have so loved doing it and have learnt so much.

HM England.

Energy Medicine Diploma with Colour, Gems, Perfume & Flower Essences

I immensely relished reading, studying, exploring and practising this course at home. It has changed my life completely but most of all it has made me more happy and accepting of myself and others. I feel like a completely different woman. This amazing course has given me great fortitude, self-esteem, self-confidence and a real passion to get up and go out there and achieve my soul purpose.

Thank you so very much.

Extract from a letter from a student.

I cannot thank you enough for the positive feedback and encouragement you have given me and your passion for nature and the environment and the connectedness and sacredness of all life.


Extract from a letter from another student.

Thank you for a very interesting course. It has given me a good overview of the flower essence world and deepened my relationship with nature. I particularly enjoyed looking at the plants in my garden and your book on Flower Readings.

J J. Germany.

I am loving the course so much and enjoying every module! This year has been a little tough for all due to all the uncertainty which has taken over everything, but just trying to keep going..the colour and flower remedies are really helping me.

S.M. U.K.

I enjoyed the course very much, and I have learnt so much to move forward in my journey into Energy Medicine. I will read through all of your very insightful comments much appreciated. SW. West Sussex. England.

Holistic Interior Design Advanced Diploma

I am a qualified Architect and I am so pleased to have taken this course because it helped me incorporate beautiful healthy interiors into the overall building design. Instead of viewing my designs as an intellectual personal challenge, I now think more carefully about the atmosphere created by the shapes, layout, materials and colours I specify and focuses my attention more on the occupants needs so they can best enjoy the home or work space.

K.B. Interior Designer in UK

The materials and resources in the course content are amazing and exactly what I am looking for. I am finding the Advanced Holistic Design course fascinating and it has confirmed my feelings that I has had for a long time.

D.C. Architect in Australia

In the short period of time studying this course it has really opened up my eyes to a completely new way of designing. It is exhilarating and refreshing and I am excited to help my clients to live in a much more fulfilled life where their inner and outer homes are in balance.
S.R. Interior Designer. UK

Thank you for such detailed responses to each answer. I did find your feedback beneficial and helpful for my interior decorating business. Thank you for taking the time to guide my work.’
CW. California, USA

I am looking forward to practice the holistic approach, I am lucky to have started working on a design project and finding it much more enjoyable than I used to.
N.B Alberta Canada

Creating beautiful spaces is my passion, but now with the additional knowledge and profound insights I have gained through a study with the Holistic Design Insitute, I feel my design work can not only be beautiful but rather create an environment where people can enjoy their lives in a healthier and more content way that is connected to the natural rhythm of nature.
RP – Interior Designer Miami

I really enjoyed in doing this course and have learnt so much knowledge on holistic interior design and brings so much emphasis on taking the climate crisis seriously. I am recommending this to my fellow professional colleagues.

K.O. - Architectural Designer U.K.

Japanese Garden Design Diploma

I have been able to transform the small ugly courtyard garden at the back of my house into a wonderful place of peace and tranquility, which I can see out of my window and where I can sit and read or contemplate. My friends and family also love to spend time there too.

I work in a garden centre and have always wanted to learn more about Japanese garden design so I can give customers ideas and advice. This course has given me so much information and built up my confidence that I hope to set up my own Japanese design company in the future.

‘I would like to say that the experience so far has exceeded my expectations, and I really feel the thought that has gone into the designing of the course.’

Colour Acupuncture Diploma course

I am finding the course to be very interesting, there is a lot to it, yet you have managed to make it very accessible. Your comments are very helpful.

Thank you for such a wonderful course, which was well laid out and so interesting. I will now be able to add colour acupuncture to my other therapies and I already have some of my clients interested.

I am thrilled with the notes you gave me as your comments are always so helpful, it is truly a pleasure learning with you.

Colour Spiritual Healing Diploma

I just wanted to say how delighted I am with both working on your Colour Spiritual Healing course and the result that has given me great confidence in trusting my psychic and healing abilities. I found both of your courses very interesting, inspiring and rewarding. Thank you for all your helpful comments. Wiltshire. UK.

I am a Reiki practitioner and qualified Spiritual Healer and I would like to say many thanks, I have really enjoyed the course and have gained so much experience working with colour energy. Torquay. UK.

Many thanks for your speedy marking, it is so helpful to know how I am doing as am enrolled on 3 of your courses so needed to know if I was working at the right level. I love your positive and informative comments they offer an extra depth to my learning. R F. California. USA.

I would like to thank you again for your wonderful course as I remember it as being something that helped me to heal. I was given one year to live way back in 1999 and I am still here.

Thank you for your inspirational and constructive comments. My Aura and chakra reading and drawing workshop was well received, and I have been assured of other invitations to follow.

C.S. Austria

Colour & Natural Therapies for Animal health & well-being Diploma

I am thrilled with the content of this course that allows me to treat my old dog with a number of natural remedies. He has already improved and seems much happier. I look forward to being able to help other pets too.

Thank you so much for a wonderful course as I never realised how sensitive animals are to colour energy. I think every sanctuary and animal healer should learn these techniques.

The course is part of my dream to open a natural therapy practice and the more I study the materials, the more I know I am on the right path.

M.B. Miami USA.

It was such a pleasure to work on this beautiful course. I have enjoyed every minute of it and my interest and love of color has even more increased.

K.J. Bahrain

My main reason for doing this course was to support my labrador in her older years but it has proved to be invaluable in many ways. I am very grateful for this course as it has taught me a lot and I feel I have now got a good balance with my animals. They have company (both human and their own kind), stimulation, exercise, a good environment, preventative health care and lots of love.Thank you so much for this informative and enjoyable course.

SW. Devon. UK.

Accredited Colour Reflexology Diploma

As a practicing reflexology, this course is one of the best things I have added to my field of knowledge.

Thank you for such a wonderful course that has set me up in a new venture working at a complementary health clinic.

Colour Therapy Readings Certificate course

I enjoyed every minute of doing the reading, putting it all together and preparing the write up.

NJ from Wales.

The content of this course so far has been invaluable! I have made so many beautiful and profound changes in my life which I had never even been able to imagine. Thank you so much for creating this wonderful course!
KJ from Bahrain.

Thank for my Certificate and your wise comments. It’s been a joy participating in this course, it has made increase my passion for the wonderful world of Color.

AC from Portugal.

Colour Therapeutics for Interior Design (Advanced Diploma)

This course had just the right mix between information and practical tasks and I have found that I already I am using colour to transform my life at home and at work.

My company was just about to paint our offices in a dreary gray, so I am delighted to report that I have been able to convince the powers that be to use some more uplifting and mood-enhancing colours.

I found the course fascinating and very useful and it has given me lots of ideas for expansion of my Interior Design practice in the future.

I am a graphic designer and artist and I found this course really inspired my work so I can use colour to create different moods, feelings and atmospheres. I loved the section on colour forecasting and it was really useful for creating my own colour palettes using special themes.

I attended a fabulous lecture on Colour Therapeutics years ago and after that enrolled in your course which I thoroughly enjoyed. I was sponsored by my company and have now worked as their Colour consultant for many years now.

It is a great honour for me to obtain Diploma qualification by Holistic Design Institute for Colour Therapeutics and it has been a creative and joyful experience. S.M. London

I have to say how much I enjoy your courses and how much you have changed my work, my vision, collaboration with clients. I enjoy learning from you, you inspire me so much! T G. Serbia.

Colour and Style Consultant Diploma

I appreciate your comments and thoroughly enjoyed the course from start to finish and while I had to fit it around a demanding work schedule, it was truly rewarding.

I couldnt believe how finding my personal colours and style has brought about so many changes in my life. I now feel truly myself and have had the confidence to give up my job and start a new career as a Colour and Style consultant. A very big thank you for your personal advice and support throughout the course…....

from a recent graduate in the USA.

This was an awesome experience for me not only for the subject matter but for the way you built the course. I have read all your comments notes carefully and enjoyed every one of them…..

I look forward to putting my skills to work with customers! This class has been most enjoyable, I appreciated the learning process and the opportunity to increase my knowledge and expertise in the filed of holistic color consultancy.

BG Washington D.C.

Suzy Chiazzari has inspired my creativity endlessly with her Colour and style Program. If you are interested in holistic health practices Suzy has so much of offer. I highly recommend learning and studying with Suzy and her organization. Such kindness in her way of teaching is rare. She is actively and genuinely engaged in created a community for the better good of humanity ~ Francesca Durham Colour Life Coach, Colortime® Image Consultant and Clinical Musician.

Transformative Arts & Sound Therapy Diploma course

I would just like to say how much I have enjoyed this course. It has given my art a new perspective and I have thoroughly enjoyed myself. Although at times it has been hard, it has shed light onto parts of my self and I have been able to transform these things for the better. It has been a great tool and I have always known that art has transformative powers….

Have gained so much from doing this course and I am continuing to read and learn as well as practising drawing and painting. Thank you so much.

I took a part time job as a support worker with adults with learning difficulties. I have been asked by the trust to work with individuals I support on a one to one basis using art to aid communication, relaxation and self-esteem. I am now planning my first 6 week group sessions using Art as Therapy to transform lives, which I am to run in my home town and surrounding areas

Thank you for an absolutely wonderful course. I have got a tremendous amount out of it and I also found your comments extremely helpful. I am really grateful for having been given the opportunity to bring joy and meaning back into my life.

Thank you for taking so much time to do the analysis of my art therapy drawing and share your insights, it is greatly appreciated. I am really looking forward to doing this exercise with my clients in the future.

I want to express my sincere gratitute for your detailed and gifted analysis of my Art Therapy. I was taken aback as I did not expect to receive anything at all and it was a lovely surprise. I had goosebumps reading your notes as you have identified so much that is true, both from the time in which the exercise was set and the present time. It literally left me speechless…

I feel so enriched by everything I am learning and finding ways to apply these in my own life. Its truly wonderful. I really feel inspired to share with others what I have learned.

I felt so touched by your comments and valued input and wisdom and so truly grateful for this Transformative art and music course, it’s truly wonderful. A.S. UK. 2024

Diamond Mindfulness Certificate short programme

I have learned the power of relaxation through controlled breathing and the ability to visualize using colour concentration from within. The programme has helped me to release tensions within myself and learn to feel at peace. I have learned how different colours have different effects and produce different feelings both as part of the body but also within the mind itself. J.H. England.

We all have the capacity to know and connect to our inner life through colour, and this course offers a gentle reminder and practical guidance on how to do this so you feel more balanced, connected and happy in yourself. N.J. Wales.

I have learned to be more conscious of my actions and especially my thoughts. I often catch myself doing something out of routine during the day, where I then attempt to slow down and consciously become aware of my movements and the thoughts involved. It has helped me to stop having the churning processes which have kept me awake for many nights. C. S. Switzerland.

Nutritional Therapy with Colour Diploma

I am thrilled with the feedback you gave me. I find your comments are always so helpful so that it is a real pleasure learning with you.

Thank you so much for creating this course. It feeds me in such a special and treasured way. I look forward to learning more and more and becoming truly adept at the subtleties and individual variation in this field.

Colour Aromatherapy Diploma course

​As an Aromatherapist who is also sensitive to colour, I was delighted to find this course that introduced me to a whole new way of classifying and using essential oils. The course was very informative as well as showing you how to mix and create your own colour aromatic oils. P Y. Wales

Suzy Chiazzari’s book Colour Scents is a much loved reference book on my shelf and this course really helps you develop your blending skills as well as giving various diagnostic and healing treatments. I loved this course that added much to my knowledge and practical Aromatherapy skills. W S. France.

I enjoyed the course very much, and I have learnt so much to move forward in my journey into the combination of colour therapy with aromatherapy. I look forward to making my own set of pulse point oils. I will read through all of your very insightful comments much appreciated. SW. West Sussex. England.

I have just received back my coursework that has been assessed. It has been a great learning opportunity to get your feedback - so thank you for your thorough marking and helpful comments. H.B. U.K.

Colour Life Coach Counsellor Programme (TM)

The use of the coloured keys required for relationship maintenance has completely elevated my confidence with listening and talking effectively.

It has been a real joy reading your feedback from the course and your comments are much appreciated.

I have just received my Diploma and I cant tell you how excited I am to begin Life Counsellling using colour. This is better than my college diploma and I look forward to building my practise and to teaching my new Colour counselling programme at the local library.

The making of the collage has been a rewarding experience that has remind me of all the good things in my life and all the good things to come, Thank you.

This is the first time I have done any study since a left college and I have really enjoyed it. The lessons have really helped me get through some of the difficult times as I have been made redundant, and now I see things in a different light.

Thank you again for your feedback and comments. They have already made such a difference to my life.

I am a post graduate management consultant and discovering the power of colour and qualifying as a Colour Life Counsellor has provided the final piece in the jigsaw and the perfect solution.

Your course helped me as a teacher but also personally and I really enjoyed it. The material is so simple and so comprehensive at the same time. I have so many tools to go through and apply to my work, so many new ideas. its a way that someone can make changes in his or her life but in a very gentle balanced way.

This was certainly a wonderful, awakening and profound experience. TM