When do the courses start?

You can enrol at any time & can enrol on more than one course if you have extra time to study. We accept payments by credit card and Paypal via the website or you can enrol by email and pay by electronic bank transfer. We send the full course to you up front so you can study at your own pace. We also offer a two equal part payment option. When you pay for half we send the first half and then in your own time you pay for the second part.

How long do the courses take to complete?

Our courses are valid for one year. Most students take between 6 months to 1 year to complete a course studying a few hours every couple of weeks. This is equivalent to one lesson every one or two weeks on most courses. We also offer some short courses that can be completed within three months.

Are the courses complicated? I haven’t studied for years

The course notes are in laid out in easy-to-follow steps with plenty of colour illustrations, photos and diagrams. Some have audio or video files. Although you study from home, our courses all contain practical tasks for you to try out and give us feedback of your experiences. Your expert tutor, Suzy Chiazzari, our principal will then send you comprehensive notes and personal advice when you send in your coursework for marking.

How are the courses assessed?

Our courses are monitored by continuous assessment and a final project or examination paper. Most courses require you to send in your homework twice during your studies. This allows us to give you comprehensive feedback so you obtain the highest grade.

How & when do I hand in my completed work?

We offer flexible submission dates (four options per year) so you choose when you want to send in your homework by post or by email.

Will I have some guidance throughout the course?

When you enrol you are allocated time with a specialist tutor who marks your course and gives you written guidance and personal advice when you send in your coursework assignments for assessment. We also offer after graduation support and mentoring and we have a closed student and graduate Facebook forum.