About Our Schools

About Holistic Design Institute and Iris School of Colour Therapy


As the world becomes a more stressful place, there is a growing need for homes and work spaces that offer a personal retreat - somewhere to relax, regenerate and replenish ourselves, so we can lead more balanced and fulfilled lives personally and as a community.

The Holistic Design Institute was founded in 1992 by international best-selling author and leading Holistic Interior Designer and Colour Therapy consultant, Suzy Chiazzari. Since then the Institute has developed an excellent international reputation as a leading learning provider in the fields of creative and therapeutic arts using Colour Psychology and Colour Therapy, Holistic Interior design and Healing Garden design, Transformative Therapy, Music and Sound Therapy and Creative Art as Therapy. Our courses can be used for personal or professional development as well as offering a creative and caring career. Our beautiful Diploma that can be used anywhere in the world is awarded by the Holistic Design Institute UK.

Our home study courses are specially designed for home study by experienced colour consultant and holistic designer, Suzy Chiazzari who is also an Associate member of the Royal Institute of British Architects RIBA. Our professional courses and are tutored by Suzy, who offers you sensitive support and comprehensive personal advice during your studies. The vocational home study courses have plenty of practical content so you become confident to work in your field of study once you graduate.


The Iris International School of Colour Therapy school was founded by Suzy Chiazzari in 1992, and since then has developed an excellent international reputation as the leading training provider in the specialist field of colour and light as a healing tool to enhance self-development, health and well-being. All our accredited distance learning colour therapy courses were specially designed for home study and are tutored by Suzy Chiazzari who is an internationally renowned bestselling author, teacher and colour therapy expert, who warmly shares her vast knowledge with you and gives you personal guidance and support during your studies. Suzy’s combines colour therapy with other complementary health practices, including Counselling, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Life Coaching and Spiritual healing, and offers specialist professional and short courses in these modalities.


  • Long established UKRLP registered and insured schools.
  • Leading training college in a growing specialist fields of study.
  • Beautiful accredited Diploma so you can practice your chosen field anywhere in the world.
  • Friendly and supportive tutoring and personal attention by an expert tutor.
  • Flexible start time and study at your own speed.
  • Choice of study mode including by email, CD or lessons in workbooks (last option in UK only)
  • Colour illustrated easy to follow and comprehensive course notes and other learning materials.
  • Simple assessment system.
  • Free one year membership of the HDI and IWOC to our graduates.
  • After graduation support and social media forums.