Colour Acupuncture Diploma course


Colour acupuncture is a growing field of light therapy that provides an alternative to invasive traditional acupuncture. The penetrating properties of light, work without the aid of needles and provides an effective and subtle form of complementary treatment. Beams of coloured light can be channelled through the healer’s hands using acupressure or a crystal light torch, which focuses a beam of coloured light along the meridians, acupuncture point or part of the body.

This distance learning course is suitable for anyone who wishes to use the powerful but non intrusive combination of colour and acupuncture in their healing practise. Colour acupuncture students will concentrate on major acupuncture points and other points in the head and upper body, as well as the hands and feet. Please note this is not a traditional acupuncture course but one which draws together the philosophy of traditional Chinese medicines with current thought and methods including those of Dr Fritz Popp, Peter Mandel, Theo Gimbel and Dr Christine Page. The colour acupressure treatments uses a range of different colours. This method is useful to incorporate and extend other forms of complementary therapy.

Part 1.
Lesson 1. The Tao and philosophy of Chinese medicine
Lessson 2. Balancing the five elements using colour -related to emotion
Lesson 3. How our emotions affect our organs and general health
Lesson 4. The Meridians - The Master and Alarm points
Lesson 5. Chinese Facial diagnosis using colour and colour acupressure. Light facials treatments for regeneration and rejuvenation.
Lesson 6. Using coloured lamps and colour therapy torches for colourpuncture

Part 2.
Lesson 7. The 12 Meridian pathways and their related elements
Lesson 8. Colour spinal diagnosis and colour treatments
Lesson 9. Colour massage using acupuncture points on the hands
Lesson 10. Treatment of common ailments with colourpuncture - headaches, muscle and joints aches, sinusitis, cramps, nausea, constipation, neck/shoulder tension, skin problems.

Iris International Diploma in Colour Acupuncture (non-invasive) will be awarded to students obtaining 70% or more in the Module tests and self-administered examination. On obtaining a diploma you will be entitled to use the initials Dip. Iris (Colour Acupuncture ) after your name.

Please note that professional colour light torches and instruments are expensive and you do not require one to do this course as colour light healing can be effectively applied using acupressure. We suggest that you wait until they have graduated before deciding if you would like to invest in one. We provide details of various international mail order suppliers and ways to make your own light instruments.

Students should be over the age of 21 and are required to have a sound knowledge of written and spoken English.

Colour Acupuncture Diploma course
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