Colour & Natural Therapies for Animal health & well-being Diploma

Natural Healing for animals

This natural animal healing course teaches you about holistic animal welfare and how to provide a healthy natural environment where they can lead happy and healthy lives. You will learn how to identify the signs of illness in many different animals large and small and how to treat the animal holistically, aiding natures own healing mechanisms. Although you study at home the course has many practical tasks for you to try out on your pets and other animals large and small.

All animals have a natural sensitivity to sound and light. Their senses to these invisible vibrations are much more developed than in human beings. Colour healing tunes in to these healing colours, directing and channelling them to the animal through the hands or with the aid of colour ray lamps.This can be used for specific ailments and especially calming in stressful situations.

You will be taught how to administer colour healing reinforced with Aromatherapy, Herbal and Homeopathic remedies and recommend diets and correct environments for various domestic and farm animals. There is also a section on holistic first aid and looking after birds and wild animals.

There is a growing demand for natural animal healthcare. This course which teaches you to use natural and homeopathic remedies, colour therapy and spiritual healing, provides a rewarding and unusual career opportunity. Many of our past students have set up flourishing animal healing practices or work as dog walkers, in dog/cat hotels, in animal sanctuaries, RSPCA, and other charitable organisations.

Part 1.
Lesson 1. Colour vibrations and the electro-magnetic spectrum
Lesson 2. How animals respond to sound, aroma and light vibrations
Lesson 3. Creating a healthy environment for pets
Natural healing methods using sunlight, healthy diets
Herbs, essential oils and making compresses and bandages
Lesson 4. Flower essences for animals
Lesson 5. Spiritual healing through the chakra system (Etheric massage)
Part 2.
Lesson 6. Behavioural and psychological problems in pets including
Colour and natural methods for specific conditions.
Lesson 7. Caring for cats and dogs, horses, rabbits and small mammals
Lesson 8. Homeopathy for Animals
Lesson 9. Working with wild animals and birds
Lesson 10. Guidelines & codes of practice for working as an animal healer
Iris International Diploma in Colour and Natural Healing for Animals will be awarded to students obtaining 70% in Lesson tests and two full case studies. On obtaining your diploma you will be entitled to use the letters Dip. Iris (Colour and Natural Healing for Animals ) after your name.

Colour & Natural Therapies for Animal health & well-being Diploma
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