Colour Life Coaching Programme (TM)

Colour Umbrellas

Professional Diploma to qualify as a Certified Colour Life Coach.

Colour Coaching is a sensitive and non-prescriptive approach that teaches you to tap into your own spiritual wisdom, so you can get guidance from your heart and higher mind. This life-affirming Colour Life Coaching programme is a course that you follow yourself under the guidance of your mentor and inspirational colour coach, Suzy Chiazzari. Suzy guides you through the use of the life-enhancing colour keys: Passion, Joy, Focus, Balance, Love, Intuition, Vision, Creativity and Transformation.

You will learn how to use colour to focus on the areas of life that need attention, and by following this simple practical nine step programme that uses different colour mindfulness and focus techniques so you can take control, build confidence and create opportunities that allow you to enjoy a healthy, loving and fulfilled life.

Once you have enjoyed the benefits of Suzy Chiazzari’s Colour Coaching yourself you will be able to guide others through the programme and start a new and lucrative career as a Colour Life Coach. This Colour Coaching course is also suitable for professional development if you are a counsellor, therapist, teacher or life coach or you want to start a new exciting and lucrative career in a positive caring role.

The easy to follow practical exercises include assessing your present situation using the colour keys, finding your goals and formulating plans for change. The course is full of practical steps to follow, questionnaires, visualisations, mindfulness, affirmations and Life skill development exercises. The tutoring advice is given via email, in a similar way to the Iris School’s other courses.

Lesson 1 Colour Life Coaching and assessment techniques
Lesson 2 Physical health, sexual fulfilment and body image management
Lesson 3 Understanding and developing positive relationships in marriage and with partners, family, friends, work colleagues
Lesson 4 Staying focused, personal empowerment, decision-making, finding your true life’s work
Lesson 5 Creating balance & attracting love and abundance
Lesson 6 Focusing on a positive future/ expressing yourself confidently
Lesson 7 How to set goals. Create a one year and a five year plan
Lesson 8 Colour Life skills to cope with Stress and Time management
Lesson 9 Manifesting your vision and dreams and spiritual development.
How to re-invent yourself to be free to fulfil your true potential.
Lesson 10 Working as a Colour Life Coach – regulations, associations

On successful completion of the course you will obtain an Iris International Diploma in UK COLOUR LIFE COACHING and you will be able to practise as a certified Colour Life Coach(TM)

The fee includes the course programme on CD or via email, specialist tutoring, your Diploma and Student membership of IWOC International Wheel of Color Association. Life Coaching is self-regulated and there is no awarding body but after you have had a number of hours practical coaching experience and can provide client references you can apply to join the European Life Coaching Association. In order to get full benefit from this course it is essential to get feedback on your experiences, so the non-tutored option is not available.

Colour Life Coaching Programme (TM)
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