Accredited Colour Reflexology Diploma

Colour Reflexology course

Colour Reflexology teaches you different ways of sending colour light healing through the foot and hand reflexes to reinforce and improve the effectiveness of reflexology treatments. This course combines the powerful but subtle healing power of reflexology and colour therapy. It will be of interest to practising reflexologists who wish to extend their services and concentrate on a more holistic approach. You can also study this course with no previous reflexology training if you would like to practise as a Colour Reflexologist.

The first part of this Colour Reflexology course provides the student with a sound background in the therapeutic qualities and action of each of the healing colours. You will learn about the meridians and related foot reflexes so you can give holistic treatments using colour for energy balancing of the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies through the chakra system. You will discover the areas of the feet that relate to different emotional and mental states and how activating them can promote certain life qualities.

The second part of the course focuses on the feet, using them to mirror conditions in the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. It also uses spine analysis to aid diagnosis so you can discover the root cause of any problem. You will learn how to use light therapy and hand acupressure on associated glands, organs and body systems so that you bring the whole system back into balance. This course has been approved by both a trained Colour Therapist and an experienced ITEC lecturer in Reflexology.

Lesson 1. Colour energy and the body’s energetic system
Lesson 2. The healing qualities and actions of the spectrum colours
Lesson 3. The foot reflexes and how they link to healing light and colours
Lesson 4. Using colour and a colour reflexology torch to stimulate the acupuncture points and foot reflexes
Lesson 5. Treating the chakras through the feet - Giving a complete chakra massage using Colour Reflexology.


Lesson 6. Using the feet to mirror the emotional, mental and spiritual states
Lesson 7. Spinal diagnosis using colour aiding reflexology treatments
Lesson 8. Colour reflexology treatments for various physical ailments
Lesson 9. Colour Reflexology using the hand reflexes. Combining other colour therapy techniques with reflexology
Lesson 10. Treating the flow of magnetic energy through the body meridians

Our Colour Reflexology course trains you to combine Colour with Reflexology by directing colour energy through your hands or by using a Colour Reflexology torch or Colour Light torch. The course includes comprehensive colour illustrated notes and practical tasks and expert tutoring, feedback and personal advice. On successful completion of the Colour Reflexology course you will obtain an accredited International Diploma (sent by email) and be able to put the initials. Dip.IRIS Colour Reflexologist after your name. You can also join the International Institute of Complementary Therapists who offer practitioner complementary therapist insurance in many countries. You can also join the IGCT - International Guild of Complementary Therapists that also offers insurance.

Accredited Colour Reflexology Diploma
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