Colour Spiritual Healing Diploma


This inspirational and practical course teaches you how to become a spiritual counsellor and healer using the healing power of colour for spiritual healing by opening a channel of Divine light and directing the cosmic light rays through your chakras, third eye, hands and mind. The course offers practical ways to develop your intuitive abilities, psychic vision and clairvoyance so you can create beautiful drawings of the Aura and then understand the meaning of the shapes, colours and symbols within it. You will also learn about Aura photographs and how these reveal our personality, energy levels and life situation on all levels.

Colour energy acts as a catalyst that can bring about deep inner healing to the past and present as well as finding the right path for the future. By understanding the different healing powers of twelve healing rays you will be able to guide your clients to the colours they need to balance the energy within their system.

A spiritual healer will greatly benefit from using colour rays, because light is a spiritual force that has the ability to pass through all levels of the human psyche clearing and dispersing negativity in the subtle bodies. Using colour for spiritual healing is highly rewarding, effective and adds another dimension to healing work. Colour healing compliments other courses in Spiritual healing but is complete in itself so students can practise as a Colour Spiritual healer. This course includes a set of Healing Coloured Filters that can be used directly for healing or distance healing.

Lesson 1. Our subtle bodies and the higher realms of colour
Lesson 2. The twelve colour vibrations and their healing qualities
Lesson 3. Spiritual Healing techniques. Channelling, Clairvoyance, Projection, Developing your Auric vision
Lesson 4. Seeing and drawing the aura. Giving Aura readings
Lesson 5. Etheric imprinting using coloured scarves
The lessons of Pain and Pain control

Lesson 6. Polarity treatment and Radiant magnetism
Lesson 7. Auric cleansing, strengthening and balancing
Lesson 8. Empathetic healing, Gazing, Mental projection
Lesson 9. Full spectrum colour healing. Healing past life trauma
Angelic Colour healing and working with the Angel Colour Wheel
Lesson 10. Absent healing using colour projection. Channelling spiritual colours

Students who successfully complete the requirements of 70% pass marks in the module tests will receive a IRIS INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATE in Colour Spiritual Healing. You can apply to join the International Federation of Healing as a friend. You will be able use IRIS Cert. Colour Spiritual Healer after your name.

Colour Spiritual Healing Diploma
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