Colour Therapeutics for Interior Design (Advanced Diploma)

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Colour Therapeutics for Interiors consultancy course offers trains you to become a specialist Colour Consultant. Colour consultancy is good for career development for anyone wanting to learn about and use the mood-enhancing qualities of colour in the environment, clothing, marketing and product branding. A career as a colour consultant is varied and rewarding as it in line with current trends in interior design that combine creativity with health. It incorporates the principles of colour psychology and colour therapy that focuses on specifying therapeutic colour schemes that suit the needs, lifestyle and personality of the occupants, as well as creating more relaxed and stress free interior environments.

Colour Therapeutics is regularly updated and it comes in 12 lessons that teach you how different colours and combinations in our surroundings affect your moods, behaviour and health. You will also learn how to select colours, create balanced colour schemes and design your own colour palettes. Our mood and sense of wellbeing can be powerfully boosted by the colours of the walls, furnishings and other objects in our homes as well as the light in our living spaces. There is a growing demand for colour consultants with knowledge of colour psychology and colour therapy, so this Diploma qualification is a great career asset. If you are a design professional you can expand your knowledge and apply colour therapeutic principles in homes and businesses as well as public and community buildings to create a healing and supportive environment.

Colour Therapeutics for Interior Design is suitable for interior designers, or those working in the fashion and creative fields, as it extends your awareness of the power of colour to influence our moods and health. This course can also set you on a career as a colour stylist or colour forecaster working in manufacturing, interior or graphic design or marketing.

The course includes an audio lecture by Suzy Chiazzari on Colour Therapeutics for Interior in mp3 format only.

• Light and the spectrum colours
• The psychology of colour - how colour affects our mood and behaviour
• Colour Therapy using the mood-enhancing qualities of colours
• Creating a colour energy balance in a room
• Environmentally friendly paints and finishes
• Natural and artificial light, therapeutic lighting
• Welcoming colours for Entrances and living rooms
• Digesting Life - Colours for Dining rooms and kitchens
• Colours therapy for Bedrooms and bathrooms
• Children’s’ rooms: colours to support infants to teenagers
• Colours in the workplace and choosing company colours, logos etc.
• Colours therapeutics in the community including colours for the elderly.

Students should be over the age of 21, want to extend their good creative and design skills and are required to have a sound knowledge of written and spoken English.

An HDI Diploma in Colour Therapeutics for Interior Design will be awarded to those students obtaining 70% or more in the Module question sheets and Final project using colours therapeutically. Module questions include feedback of some of the practical tasks you have carried out, including inspiration and selection of your own colour paint range.
Suzy Chiazzari marks this course and will give you plenty of comments and personal advice so you achieve the best grades. Please note that this is an advanced course for professionals who already work with colour.

Successful students are entitled to use the initials Dip. HDI (Col. Th.) and will given on year free HDI practitioner membership. We also offer a referral system and after study mentoring. This is an international qualification awarded by Holistic Design Institute U.K.

Colour Therapeutics for Interior Design (Advanced Diploma)
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