Colour Therapy Counsellor and Healer accredited Diploma course


This professional training course enables you to practice as a Colour Therapist right away, giving Colour Therapy Readings and advising on supportive and healing colours for dress, decor and diet. You will also be able to offer various colour healing treatments and techniques to improve health and well-being.

Suzy Chiazzari created and tutors our colour therapy training course which is comprehensive but easy to follow and has plenty of practical content. It follows and extends the core curriculum laid down by IWOC, the International organisation representing Colour Therapy. This is also an IICT and CthA approved course so on completion you can join these organisations and get therapist insurance.

The course teaches you to give colour therapy readings to mirror your inner state through imbalances in the subtle bodies. You will find out why certain colours affect your mood and emotions, mind and physical well-being, and learn how to use colours therapeutically for deep inner healing. You will give colour counselling using cards or coloured herbal oils and sensing colour energy through your hands. You will also learn how to use colour as a healing tool, with art therapy, creative visualisations, colour breathing, and solar ray therapy.

The course is valid for one year but as you can study at your own speed and it takes around 6 months if you study part-time just a couple of hours a week. Throughout the course there are practical tasks so you can build your confidence. Your supportive and friendly colour therapy expert tutor, our principal, Suzy Chiazzari personally guides and tutors this course. Please note the order of the lessons may differ.

Lesson 1.

What is Colour Therapy and how does it work? History of Colour Therapy and its healing principles

Lesson 2.

The seven spectrum colours and the nature of light and we use these to communicate our personality, health and state of mind.

Lesson 3.

Anatomy and Physiology specifically relevant to Colour Therapists.

Lesson 4.

How different colours affect and can enhance our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.

Lesson 5.

Colour psychology - The emotional affects and symbolism of colour, colour and children, colour seasons for clothing

Lesson 6.

The aura and chakra system. Find and interpret your Aura colours

Lesson 7.

Mood-enhancing colours for dress and decor and how different colours can enhance your mood and behaviour.

Lesson 8.

The therapeutic action of the rays on the physical body, linking each colour to specific symptoms.

Lesson 9.

Developing counselling skills using colour therapy card readings and Aura Soma and colour oil based systems.

Lesson 10.

Art Therapy - Guided visualisations as a diagnostic and healing tool. How to interpret the colours in your drawings and hows these reflect your life.

Lesson 11.

Combining colour healing with aromatherapy using essential oils.

Lesson 12.

Colour breathing, Colour visualisations and meditations for depression, insomnia, grief, stress relief and other health benefits.


World renowned Colour Therapy expert Suzy Chiazzari guides you through this course with plenty of helpful comments and personal advice. Course materials include a set of Colour Reading Cards, colour wheel are included in all the workbook courses in the UK only. For all email students anywhere in the world we send a set of email Colour Therapy cards and link to two Youtube private colour reading demonstrations. Students will also receive Mp3 or m4a audio colour visualisations by email.

You can also purchase a set of Colour Reading card pack from the COLOUR READING CARD page on this website. (available in the UK only)

Please note that you need a good understanding of written and spoken English to take this course.

Students obtaining 70% pass marks in module tests and self administered short examination will receive an IRIS INTERNATIONAL Certificate with IWOC endorced award. (sent by email).During the course you will be carrying out practical tasks and submitting these to us for feedback.

IWOC & CThA Complementary Therapist Association Approved CPD Course. International Institute of Complementary Therapy IICT Approved Learning Provider for Colour Therapy. IICT offers membership and practitioner insurance in over 39 countries worldwide. Also on completing eligibility to join IGCT International Guild of Complementary Therapists offers practitioner insurance to members in the UK, USA and Canada.

You can become a Colour Therapist right away and also be eligible to take our advanced level course that equips you to teach colour therapy.


We are proud to offer our graduates referrals and mentoring after you qualify. You can also stay in touch via our active Facebook page where you can find inspiring tips to share.

Colour Therapy Counsellor and Healer accredited Diploma course
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