Colour Therapy Readings Certificate course

Chakra with cards

This specialist short course teaches you how to give a diagnostic colour therapy reading using colour therapy cards to reveal your life situation and your physical, mental and emotional state at the time. This Colour Reading Therapy course is delivered by email and includes a set of single colour Colour Therapy reading cards (emailed) and two video colour reading demonstrations.

Our colour choices tells us a great deal about who we are, what we are thinking and how we view the world. Our favourite colours also reveal our inner thoughts and feelings as well as our natural personality traits.

This course is based on colour psychology and colour therapy and it teaches you how to use colour as a diagnostic tool to reflect personality and vocational profiles as well as discovering your inner emotional, mental and spiritual state.

The Colour Therapy Reading Certificate course shows you a number of different ways of use colour therapy cards, and how to interpret the colour combinations and layouts. The course includes a set of single colour, Colour Therapy cards sent by email for you to print out.

Assessment requires one full case study of a Colour Therapy Reading you have carried out.

Colour Therapy Readings Certificate course
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