Colour Therapy Readings Card Pack


FEW LAST CARD PACKS AVAILABLE. - Delivery by Royal mail is currently suspended until further notice.

We offer a free set of cards to students who register onto the Holistic Colour Therapy Counsellor course by workbooks. A set of email cards are sent with the email course.

Our Colour Therapy Readings boxed card pack was specially designed by leading colour therapist, Suzy Chiazzari and it comes with an introductory booklet. Each card has two colours that offers a deeper and more sensitive interpretation to your state of being at the time.

Colour Reading Cards use your favourite colours to mirror the inner you and also reflect the big picture of your life situation. The card set includes a quick guide to interpreting the symbolism of your colour choices so that you can discover your true personality and unique skills as well as the areas of your life that are out of balance. When you understand the messages your colours convey, it is possible to see your life more clearly so that you can make positive changes that improve your health and give you a new zest for life.

These Colour Therapy cards are included free with other materials if you enrol onto the Colour Counsellor and healer Diploma course supplied by CD or with workbooks. A similar set of colour cards is sent by email to student who are studying by email. You can print these out yourself onto white card and make them up into cards .

We also offer another short Colour Reading Therapist course that includes 12 single colour cards sent to you by email.

The Colour Therapy cards can be used to give:

  • Colour Therapy Counseling card readings ( select 4 cards)
  • Soul Reflection Readings (select 1 card)
  • Chakra Readings (select 7 cards)
  • Vocational and Life Path Guidance ( 1-3 cards to be selected)
  • Polarity Readings (select 7 cards)
  • Aura Colour Readings ( select 7 cards)
  • Colour Psychology profiles (select 4 cards)
  • Divination - past, present, near future, future ( select 4 cards)

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Colour Therapy Readings Card Pack
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