Diamond Mindfulness Certificate short programme


Suzy Chiazzari’s Diamond Mindfulness short course teaches you mindfulness and stress release using the power of colour and light. The Diamond Mind exercises are carefully designed to create new positive pathways in the brain, replacing old though patterns and habits. By focusing on the small things that make you feel calm and happy, your attention is kept on the joy and beauty of the present moment. This helps you feel alert, self-confident and in control of your life. The rainbow hues reinforce these connections as each colour reflects a facet of your diamond mind that directs different areas of your life including confidence, self-esteem, love and relationships, work and finances and spiritual well-being. In time, focusing your attention on a particular colour creates new mind maps in your brain that sets the new positive thought and feeling in motion.

The course comes takes place over seven consecutive days of your choice. Each day is connected to one of the rainbow colours and you practice fun, simple exercises that relate to a particular area of your life. After one week you are asked to practice the mindfulness exercises for another week and then send in your feedback of your experiences. The assessment is set out in a set of five simple questions that ask for your experiences. Suzy will then send you comprehensive comments and personal advise on how to take your Diamond Mindfulness forward. The course also comes with an Audio meditation file in Mp3 format.

You will then receive your beautiful Certificate by email for you to print out and frame or attach to your website.

We also have a Diamond mindfulness Facebook page with useful tips for you to share and be inspired.

Becoming a Diamond Mindfulness Teacher:

This mindfulness course is intended for your own benefit and enjoyment and you can incorporate the ideas into your own work with your clients; but if you have found the program useful you may want to take another step and become a fully licenced Diamond Mind Mindfulness teacher. You do not have to do any further studies.

On successful acceptance as a Diamond Mind teacher you will receive a new certificate endorced – Certified Diamond Mind Teacher

Diamond Mindfulness Certificate short programme
Course lessons to be delivered by email
£ 150
Upgrade of your Diploma to a Diamond Mindfulness teacher (on approval by Suzy Chiazzari only) for 10 years.
£ 150
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