Healing Garden Design Diploma


This online course is designed with specific emphasis on creating a garden that is a healing environment and sanctuary of peace, beauty and fragrance. Healing gardening teaches you how to work with nature’s own rhythms and understand how to maintain the delicate balance of the earth’s ecosystem. With the growth in complementary therapy practices, spiritual centres and retreats including hospital gardens, there is a growing need for people who can offer this approach to garden design. Healing garden design expands and complements traditional courses in garden design. It focuses on developing your intuitive and creative powers as well as giving you the opportunity to design the layout and planting of different types of healing gardens. The course is fully illustrated with photos, charts and useful video and other web links as well as further reading suggestions.

No previous knowledge of horticulture or design is required for this course, only an interest in gardening and a desire to create a healing sanctuary in the garden. You will be taught the principles and key elements required to make different types of healing gardens. Practicing landscape artists and designers would also find this course useful if they are looking to expand their skills and knowledge into this growing field of garden design.

12 Lessons - some lessons contain useful links to youtube videos.

• Connecting with nature’s colours, cycles and rhythms.
• Wild gardens vs. landscaped gardens
• White gardens - Creating a moonlight garden
• Healing gardens using the therapeutic qualities of colour
• The healing sound of plants - The sensory garden
• The organic garden with herbs and healing plants
• The fragrant garden- The secret garden children’s gardens
• Healing roses - Creating an old rose garden
• Water and lighting - Healing fountains
• Growing vegetables - Companion planting, moon planting
• Feng Shui, garden design, garden rooms, patios
• Healing shapes, balancing Yin and Yang
• Elements of Japanese design, grouping & setting


During the course students will be asked to submit several different garden designs and you will need to obtain 70% or more in a Final project. One year membership to HDI is included allowing graduates to use the initials MHDI after their name.

Diploma awarded by the Holistic Design Institute. Diploma graduates can use the initials Dip.HDI. ( Healing Garden Design) after their name.

Healing Garden Design Diploma
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