Holistic Interior Design Advanced Diploma

Ad. Holistic Interiors

This study course is suitable for on-going professional development and equivalent to a post-graduate Diploma for practicing designers and professionals working in associated holistic and healthcare fields.

Holistic Interior design is a fast growing area of architecture and interior design that offers a more sensitive, holistic, caring and environmentally friendly approach giving Holistic design professionals the edge in a very competitive market.

Interior Design training has for some time lagged behind current trends, so this course reflects the shift of emphasis that has taken place over the last decade. This advanced Holistic Interior Design professional Diploma course addresses a need for designers and decorators to take a more environmentally responsible and humanistic approach to interior spaces. This course extends your knowledge base and offers you new skills that allows you to create harmonious homes and work spaces that are eco-friendly but also beautiful and nurturing to the people who use them. Our course is updated regularly and the ideas can be applied to any style of building or interior, so you can adapt the material to grow your business.

Practicing designers will find this course allows them to use their talents in a new way and to offer their clients a more personalised service. We support our graduates by giving them one year free membership of HDI that is good to add to your CV, and we have a referral system too. There are 16 Lessons in this course. Lessons are delivered in email fully colour illustrated PDF documents, with web-links to further useful information and practical videos. This advanced level focuses on business development rather than starting up, and it is assessed to a higher level than the Diploma option, and students are expected to have previous design and drawing skills.

  • The Holistic Designer and environmental psychology.
  • Wabi Sabi home design and room decor and layouts using intuitive Zen principles.
  • Healthy House Check - Sick Building Syndrome
  • EMF - Dowsing for energy disturbances
  • De-cluttering, perfect layouts and creating flow using practical Feng Shui
  • SAD, (Seasonal Affective Disorder) Natural Light and Clean air
  • Renewable energy systems- Solar power, Heat pumps, Natural ventilation
  • The subtle environment - Water, Aroma and Sound to enhance well-being
  • Colour Therapy and environmentally friendly paints
  • Using natural materials, re-cycling and up-cycling furniture
  • Ergonomics and the importance of shape, proportion and Sacred geometry
  • The do’s and don’ts of windows and doors/ window dressing
  • Sympathetic Interior Design for old buildings
  • Holistic Living spaces using eco-materials
  • Digesting life in relaxing eating and dining areas
  • Bedrooms and bathrooms as Sanctuaries
  • Natural interiors. Garden rooms and work spaces - connecting with nature
  • Working freelance, create and grow a successful design business ( includes setting up, website and blogs, expanding, quotes and charges, PR, marketing tips, business planning, internships).


This course has been specially designed for home study by our principal Suzy Chiazzari, who is an experienced Holistic interior design consultant and Associate Member of the Royal Institute of British Architects. It is also updated regularly, keeping abreast with the latest information and trends.

An HDI diploma in Holistic Interior Design will be awarded to students who obtain 70% or more in a self-administered examination and have satisfactorily completed a design project from a choice given at the end of the course.

Awarded by the Holistic Design Institute, which is a UKRLP registered and insured Learning Provider. Advanced Diploma graduates can use the initials Ad.Dip. HDI (Holistic Interior Design) after their names and are given free full membership of HDI for one year and included on our recommended practitioner’s list and receive a members badge.

UK design graduates can join the British Institute of Interior Designers as an Associate member or apply for full membership depending how many years work experience you have. Once a member you will be able to use the BIID logo. For USA students you could join the Color Association of US for interior color trends.

In the USA HDI graduates can join the IDS Interior Design Society in USA, as an associate member, but may be eligible for Professional membership depending on previous qualifications and work experience. We are also listed on international education platforms like and Facebook page with on-going tips to share and inspire.

Please note that self-employed interior designers can claim professional training against tax and employed interior designers/decorators may be sponsored by their employer or business.

Please note that due to the high demand for this course we are limiting numbers. Please check availability with the school before enrolling.

Holistic Interior Design Advanced Diploma
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