Holistic Interior Design for Mental Health Diploma course - coming soon


This interior design for mental health Diploma course is aimed at providing healing environments to aid well-being for adults and children who suffer from depression, anxiety, loss of focus, reduced ability to communicate, as well as those with ADHD or Autism spectrum disorder ASD as well as those with memory loss and PDSD.

Whether you or your family have a mental health issue or you are an interior designer who wants to specialise in the mental health field, our short Diploma course will give you plenty of guidance for improving alleviating your mental health symptoms and creating a calm, uplifting home environment.

Mental illness is a growing and significant health issue that is considered a cause of distress and an ability to cope in a fast-moving and often stressful world. One way of addressing this problem is to incorporate elements of holistic Interior design because these can have a profound and positive impact on our mental health. Whether you are inspired to tap into current trends and grow your business, or you feel you need to improve your home and work environment to make safe, relaxed space that brings peace of mind, this course hopes to provide you with many creative and useful solutions.

Clearing clutter and how this can improve mental Health - hyperactivity and restlessness

Biophilic Design - connection with nature with plants, natural forms and patterns

How shape and layout affects mental health

Design elements to help reduce stress and anxiety

Design for workspaces to improve motivation, focus and well-being

Sunlight to lighten mood and harmonise bio-rhythms and sleep patterns

Mood-enhancing qualities of colour for emotional support

Expanding spaciousness to improve mood

Creating harmony and connection with the five natural elements

Creating interiors for ASD and special sensory needs

Art for inspiration

Interior design to help memory impairment

Mental health checklists

ASSESSMENT: There are 10 practical tasks, both written and practical to carry out during the course. On completion you will submit these to your tutor, who will assess them and give you helpful feedback. Duration approximately 2-3 months, if you carry out one or two tasks every week.

QUALIFICATION: Diploma in Interior Design for improved Mental health - Dip.IDMH

COURSE FEE: One payment of 275 GBP to include course, assessment and Diploma. Please note you may be able to claim professional development costs against your tax or get your employer to sponsor your studies.


Holistic Interior Design for Mental Health Diploma course - coming soon
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