Nutritional Therapy with Colour Diploma

Breakfast Fruit - Nutritional Therapy

Based on the Nutritional Therapy with Colour book written by your expert tutor, Suzy Chiazzari, this special course promotes the growing interest in natural foods, nutritional therapy and food energetics, and the importance of a natural colourful diet in preventing and fighting disease as well as promoting health and wellbeing.

Not only does the food we eat provide the body with vital physical nutrients, but it also gives us energetic nutrition which feeds our subtle bodies and the mind.
Studies into phytochemicals show that the colours of fruit and vegetables can indicate their individual health-giving benefits. Using these ideas, The World Health Organsiation and The Better Health Foundation in the USA has harnessed the power of colour in their ‘Five a day the Color Way’ campaign, which we include in this course.

Nutritional Therapy with colour shows you how natural colours are linked to the different types of energy which permeate all living things as well as their health-giving physical nutrients. You will come to understand the importance of the forces of Yin and Yang and light and darkness in fresh natural food and discover the relationship between these and the colours of food themselves. You will learn how to create a balanced and healthy meals and diets using the colours and elements so you can keep the body in good health, but also your correct weight and muscle mass, as well as feeding your brain and spirit.

Part 1.
Lesson 1. Introduction to colours in food and the five a day colour diet
The forces of energy in food - Yin/Yang, Magnetic/electrical
Lesson 2. The five elements to classify food, colours, tastes, temperatures,
Lesson 3. Buying and cooking food according to the seasonal energy cycles
Lesson 4. The routes and actions of foods on the body system
Lesson 5. Grains and the five elements
Lesson 6. Herbs and spices and their colour energies

Part 2.
Lesson 7. Patterns of disharmony - Finding the right food for individual needs
Lesson 8. Colour as a guide to food combining, supplements, raw verses Lesson 9. cooked food, vegetarianism and plant based diets. Macrobiotics.
Lesson 10. Food Allergies - Food colourings and their effects
Lesson 11. Healthy foods & diets for children. Diets for the elderly and people with special needs
Lesson 12. Healing Foods - prevention of diseases - safe alternatives to HRT

Students who complete the requirements of 70% pass marks in the module tests and examination will receive a IRIS INTERNATIONAL DIPLOMA in Colour Nutritional Therapy. Certificate students can use Cert. Iris (Col. Nutritional Therapy). Certificates are sent by email and there is a fee of £10 for an additional hard copy. Please request this and supply your mailing address.

Nutritional Therapy with Colour Diploma
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