Transformative Arts & Sound Therapy Diploma course

Transformative Art/Music

If you believe in the power of the creative Arts and Music to transform lives, this Transformative Therapy Diploma offers you a means of exploring this expressive therapy yourself, and developing it into a creative and caring career.

This Art and music therapy course is suitable for those who wish to work in a complementary health field using art and music to accelerate self-growth and inner healing. It will be useful to anyone who wishes to develop their own self-knowledge and creative abilities. You do not have to have any previous training in either art or music as Transformative Therapy teaches you different techniques of using sound, shape, form and colour to promote a healing process that promotes expansive emotional healing and spiritual growth.

Creative Arts Therapy links the energy of colour and sound to create a bridge between the visible world of the physical body, it’s emotional states and the invisible spiritual realms, thus promoting a state of wholeness and connection. This course uses transformative imagery through guided visualisations and music to stimulate the imagination for healing, change and growth. Using transformative imagery sets up new pathways in the brain that can improve chronic pain, mental and physical health.

As a Transformative therapist you act as a facilitator of empowering creative acts. The harmonising forces of colour and sound, promotes conscious merging with the primal energy of life, or as Carl Jung describes it, ‘the collective unconsciousness’. In this course we use creative artwork and music to further his idea that the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being. The course also introduces the work of Rudolph Steiner and Alfred Tomatis.

No previous qualifications in art or music are required, only an interest in art and music as therapy and a with a desire to work in a creative and caring environment.

10 Lessons (includes a high degree of practical content)

• Art and music as Therapy: using art and music as a Transformative Therapy
• How colour and sound vibrations affects our moods and behaviour
• Colour as a mirror of the soul- Colour psychology
• The healing effects of sound and music
• Healing breath and Sound therapy including improvised words and sounds
• Linking to your inner self through creative visualisations to facilitate healing
• Counselling using music and creative artwork
• Regression therapy release through guided visualisation
• Art and music for stress and as a relaxation aid (This course includes a visualisation and art therapy file. (supplied in M4a audio file)
• Balancing your left and right hand brain
• Sound and colour for meditation - Yantrology


This course requires a student to obtain 70% or more in continuous work assessment submitted for each module and final project.
Our principal, Suzy Chiazzari tutors this course herself and will be giving you plenty of written feedback and advice when she marks your homework assignments.

Diploma students are entitled to use the initials Dip HDI. (Transformative Therapy ) with Art and Music. The qualification is awarded by the Holistic Design Institute.

Students and graduates can join IEATA. International expressive arts therapy association, the International Sound Healers Association and International Art Therapy Organisation IATO andAmerican Art Therapy Association. (subject to requirements by each organisation.) Therapist third party liability insurance is recommended.

Students should be over 21 years of age to allow for life experience.
Have a good understanding of written and spoken English.

An interest in counselling and using the creative arts to facilitate emotional and mental healing, but no previous qualification in Art or Music required. Please note that this is a specialist Creative arts and music for health qualification and not a regular Art or Music Therapist degree course.

Transformative Arts & Sound Therapy Diploma course
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